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Similasan Dry Eye Relief Multi Symptom Relief-O.33 Oz

Similasan Dry Eye Relief Drops Provide Temporary Relief From Dry Eye Symptoms Like Dryness, Redness, Burning, Stinging, Irritation And Watering. Use As Often As Needed With No Known Side Effects. | Similasan Dry Eye Relief Eye Drops Stimulate The Body'S Natural Defenses Instead Of Masking Dryness Symptoms Like Dry Eyes, Red Eyes, Burning Eyes, Stinging Eyes, Irritated Eyes And Watering Eyes. | Similasan Homeopathic Eye Drops Are Made With Natural Active Ingredients Like Eyebright, Not Harsh Chemicals. Similasan Eye Drops Do Not Contain Vasoconstrictors: Chemicals That Cause Rebound Effect. | For Over 40 Years, Similasan Has Been Used By Pharmacists And Families In Switzerland. Similasan Is A Leading Brand Of Homeopathic Remedies With Natural Active Ingredients To Keep Families Healthy. | Similasan Is A Swiss Brand Dedicated To Helping Families Feel Good About Feeling Better. Our Gentle Eye Drops Provide Natural Temporary Relief From Dry Eye Symptoms.