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Bionorica Sinupret Adult Strength Sinus Plus Immune Support-50 Tablets

Natural Path To Nasal Health - Safe And Effective Natural Product Supported By Strong Clinical Studies To Promote Strong Nasal Passages And Sinuses Along With Overall Immune Function. | Safe & Effective Without The Side Effects - Just As Effective As Your Standard Over The Counter Sinus Relief, Yet Is A Non-Stimulating, Non-Drowsy Alternative With No Side Effects. | Traditional Herbal Wellness - Combines Five Traditional Herbs (Verbena, Common Sorrel, Elder Flower, Primula Flower And Gentain Root) Providing All Natural Support For Your Nasal Passage And Sinus Health. | Suggested Use - Comes In Tablet Form With A Recommended Use Of One Tablet, Three Times A Day, To Be Taken At The Onset Of Symptoms For A Duration Of 7-14 Days. | The Power Of Plants - Made With Phytoneering Process To Produce Herbal Compounds That Are Far Superior To Those Found In Other Plant-Based Brands And Advances Our Belief In The Power Of Plants.
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