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Evolution Salt Co Himalayan Salt Air Therapy Inhaler

Evolution Salt Co'S Salt Air Inhaler Is A Convenient, Drug-Free And Non-Invasive Device For Enjoying The Benefits Of Salt-Air Therapy | When You Inhale Through The Mouthpiece Of Your Salt Air Inhaler, The Passing Moisture Absorbs Microscopic Particles Of This Incredibly Pure, Bio-Energetically Alive And Mineral Rich Himalayan Crystal Salt | Salt Inhalation Was Recommended By Hippocrates, The Father Of Modern Medicine, Who Applied The Age-Old Method Of Inhaling The Steam From Boiling Saltwater | The Tiny Particles Of Salt Will Help Flush Impurities And Are Perfect For Respiratory Health | This Is A Safe And Natural Product Using 100% Natural, Raw, Mineral Rich, Coarse Grind Himalayan Crystal Salt
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Evolution Salt Co Himalayan Salt Therapy Sole Refill Crystals-17 Oz

Re-Mineralizes The Body With 84 Essential Minerals | Alkalizes The Body And Balances The Ph | Improves The Absorption Of Nutrients In The Intestinal Tract | Regulates Your Body'S Water Retention And Blood Pressure
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