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Deva Vegan B12 2500 Mcg Fast Dissolve-90 Tablets

Packaging May Vary | Vitamin B12 Is A Water-Soluble Vitamin That Is Mainly Stored In The Liver | This Is Because Stomach'S Production Of Acid Tends To Decrease As We Get Older | It Is This Stomach Acid That Is Necessary To Break Vitamin B12 Away From The Proteins In Food
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Deva Vegan Omega-3 DHA-EPA From Algae 300 Mg-90 Vegan Softgels

Deva Dha And Epa Oil Is Encapsulated In Non-Animal Vegan Soft Gels | From Start To Finish, It Is Produced In An Fda-Inspected Facility | No Risk Of Ocean-Borne Contaminants Such As Pcbs And Dioxins
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