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Bioray Before The Flow Promote Ease-2 Oz

Menstrual Support: Before The Flow Ingredients Are Traditionally Used To Soothe And Support A Woman'S Body For Menstruation, As Well As Tonify The Blood And Regulate The Menses. | Symtom Easing: Before The Flow Helps Alleviate A Variety Pms Symptoms Such As Stress And Cramping, Bloating, And Emotional Highs And Lows. | Suggested Use: Shake Well. Take 2 Droppers (52 Drops) In Water, Juice, Or Tea One Time (1X) Per Day For 10-20 Days Prior To The Start Of Your Menstrual Cycle.

Bioray Lady Passion Female Energizing Tonic-2 Oz

Supports A Healthy Female Endocrine System | Supports Immune Function | Restores Energy Levels | Helps Improve Focus