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Flora UDO’s Choice Super 5 Probiotic 2 Billion Cells-60 Lozenges Note: Need To Be Refrigerated

Easy To Swallow Probiotics - Looking For A Delicious And Convenient Way For The Whole Family To Get Their Probiotics? Flora’S Super 5 Lozenge Probiotic Is A Great Way To Boost The Friendly Bacteria In Your System, In A Tasty Raspberry Lozenge That Melts In Your Mouth! | 5 Super Strains Of Probiotics - Super 5 Probiotic Lozenges Help To Support Healthy Gums, Teeth, Digestion, Good Breath, And Intestinal Flora.* Contains Strains Of Salivarius Too! | Use Daily - Perfect For Daily Use, This Low Potency Formula Is Ideal For Young Children And Adults Ages 4+ And Those Who Want To Mildly Bump Up Their Probiotics. Plus, Flora’S Super 5 Lozenge Probiotic Contains Xylitol, An Ingredient Often Associated With Oral Health. | Gluten Free & Vegetarian - Gluten-Free + Vegetarian + Science-Based + Raw - Formulated With Colonizing Strains - Lasts Longer In The Body. Potency Preserving Packaging In Amber Glass Bottles And Metal Caps Protect Content From Light And Air For Longer | Effective - Flora’S Probiotic Blends Are Unique In That They’Ve Been Developed To Survive The Stomach Acids So That They Can Be As Effective As Possible When They Reach The Intestinal Tract.