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Natures Plus Omega Krill Oil 600 Mg-60 Liquid Filled Capsules

High Potency Omega 3 - Natures Plus Omega Krill Oil Contains The Most Effective Omega 3 Efa Phospholipids Ever Developed, And Outperform Common Fish Oils In Virtually Every Way. | Sustainably Sourced - Our Krill Is Harvested From Pristine Antarctic Waters. Our Fresh High Quality Krill Means No Fishy Smell, No Aftertaste, And No Worries About Impurities. It Is Processed As Soon As It Is Caught And Retains Maximum Levels Of Dha And Epa. | Superior Nutritional Activity - Our Unique Processing System Keeps Oxygen From Coming In Contact With The Oil To Prevent Oxidation. We Also Coat It With High Density Gelatin And Enhance It With Rosemary Herb Extract To Block The Growth Of Microbes. | Additional Benefits - Each Capsule Contains 3 Mg Of Astaxanthin, A Powerful Antioxidant That Helps In The Fight Against Free Radicals. Our Supplement Also Supports Cardiovascular And Joint Health. | Quality Manufacturing - Our State Of The Art Manufacturing Facilities Maintain Adherence To Superior Standards And Are Fda And Nsf Registered.