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Bluebonnet Vitamin E Complex Mixed Tocopherols & Tocotrienals-60 Licaps

Natural Vitamin E Complex Licaps Provide Significant Amounts Of The Popular D-Alpha And D-Gamma Tocopherols Along With A Complete Mix Of Tocopherols From Soybeans And Tocotrienols From Sustainably-Sourced, Non-Hydrogenated Palm Oil From Malaysia, Which Enforces Strict Environmental Regulations. | Recent Research Has Found That A Total Vitamin E Complex Containing All Of The Family Members, Including Gamma Tocopherol, May Provide More Health Benefits Than Just Alpha Tocopherol Alone. | Available In New Revolutionary, Easy-To-Swallow, Liquid-Filled, Vegetable-Derived Capsules (Licaps) For A Truly Vegetarian Formula From The Inside Out. | Item May Arrive With "High Gamma" Or "Full Spectrum" Branding, However They Are The Same Product.
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