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Flora Adult’s Probiotic 6 Adult-Specific Strains 17 Billion Cells-60 Capsules Note: Need To Be Refrigerated

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Flora UDO’s Choice Children’s Probiotic 7 Child-Specific Strains 5 Billion Cells-60 Capsules Note: Need To Be Refrigerated

Probiotics For Kids - Specifically Designed For Children Ages 5-15, These Kids Probiotics Can Help Your Child Maintain Good Gut Health, A Core Foundation Of Overall Good Health!* Take One Capsule Per Day! | Digestion & Immune Support - Flora Childrens Probiotics Improves Digestion Of Proteins, Carbohydrates, And Fats.* It Also Promotes Regular Bowel Movements And Limits The Action Of Invading Microbes Or Pathogens And Bacteria* | 5 Billion Cfu - Each Vegetarian Capsule Delivers 5 Billion Viable Cells Per Capsule At Time Of Manufacture. Contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus And Bifidobacterium For Digestive Health | Effective - Flora’S Probiotic Blends Are Unique In That They’Ve Been Developed To Survive The Stomach Acids So That They Can Be As Effective As Possible When They Reach The Intestinal Tract.* Breaks Down Lactose And Produces The Enzyme Lactase, Improving Lactose Intolerance* | Gluten-Free + Vegetarian + Science-Based + Raw - Formulated To Meet The Digestive Needs Of Children Ages 5-15.
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