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Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Dental Floss-50 Yards

Thicker & Stronger - On The Go Dental Floss Tape Is Now Thicker And Stronger To Get Through Wide Spaces Between Teeth To Remove Food Debris | Naturally Waxed - Thick Flossing Tape Is Coated With Natural Beeswax To Make It Through Hard-To-Reach Spaces Between Your Teeth | No Shredding - Easy-To-Use Dental Floss Does Not Tear While Using, Making It Suitable For Hard To Remove Food Particles Between Your Teeth | Antiseptic Properties - Contains 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil That Makes It Safe To Use The Tape As It Does Not Harm And Hurt The Gums | Convenient To Use - Cruelty-Free Dental Floss Is Available In On-The-Go Packs That Fit Easily Into A Bag Or Purse So That You Can Clean Your Teeth While Travelling