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Source Naturals Gaba Calm Mind 750 Mg-45 Capsules

Found In Your Body - Gaba Is One Of The Most Abundant Neurotransmitters In The Central Nervous System And In The Cerebral Cortex, Where Thinking Occurs And Sensations Are Interpreted. | Relax With Gaba - Gaba In The Brain Can Have An Inhibitory Effect On The Firing Of Some Neurons, Thus Supporting A Calm Mood. | Naturally Stimulate The Mind - This Formula Stimulates The Neurotransmitters Which Are Chemical Messengers That Carry Signals From Nerve Cell To Nerve Cell Throughout The Nervous System. | Trusted For Over 35 Years. Source Naturals Was Created In 1982 By Ceo Ira Goldberg To Support Each Individual'S Potential To Enjoy Optimal Health. | Manufactured In The Usa. Our Facility Is Located In Scotts Valley California.