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The Republic Of Tea Beauty Sleep Chamomile Rose Tea-36 Tea Bags

Beauty Sleep Herbal Tea: This Hydrating, Violet-Hued Herbal Infusion Contains A Proprietary Blend Of Botanicals That Can Help Improve Your Skin’S Complexion. | Chamomile & Rose Notes: The Beauty Sleep Tea Is Infused With Relaxing Chamomile And Aromatic Notes That Create A Soothing Experience. | Steeping Instructions: Steeping Herbal Tea Is Easy. Simply Heat Fresh, Filtered Water To A Rolling Boil. Then Pour Water Over Tea And Steep For 5-7 Minutes If Using A Tea Bag Or Full-Leaf. | Herbal Tea: A Naturally Caffeine-Free Tea That Is Free Of Sugars So That You Can Add This To Your Nighttime Routine. | Gluten-Free: This Tea Is Gluten-Free, So You Can Sip Away Without Worry.