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Vibrant Health Trilogy Men Multivitamin Fish Oil Probiotics-30 Packets

Simplify Your Supplements: Start Your Day Off Right With A Convenient Power Pack Complete With Your Daily All-In-One Multivitamin, Probiotic And Fish Oil | Fuel Your Vibrance: Supports Brain And Heart Health, Lean Muscle Mass Production And Healthy Blood Sugar Levels; Promotes Digestive Health And Immunity | Only 10 Calories: Take 1 Packet Daily; Packets Include 2 Capsules And 1 Softgel; Each Box Contains A 30-Day Supply | Each Power Pack Includes: An Organic, Plant-Based Multivitamin, 20 Billion Cfu Of Live And Shelf-Stable Probiotics, Plus Mercury-Free Fish Oil With 360 Mg Epa And 270 Mg Dha | Truth, Trust, Transparency: We Carefully Source And Supply Every Ingredient, Resulting In An Unmatched Level Of Product Quality And Proper Potency Without Proprietary Blends