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Quantum Health Thera Zinc Lozenges-24 Cherry Lozenges

Zinc-Rich Immunity Boost - Quantum Health'S Dual-Action Therazinc Lozenges Contain The Form And Dosage Of Zinc Proven In Clinical Studies; Designed To Strenthen The Immune System. | The Scientific Benefits Of Zinc Gluconate - Therazinc Releases Zinc Ions In Your Mouth And Throat; Great For Air Travel And Extended Trips. | Further Benefits - Also Contains Slippery Elm, A Naturally Occurring Tree Bark Known For Its Ability To Reduce Irritation And Inflammation Of The Mucus Membranes Most Impacted By Immune Challenges. | Respiratory Health - Made With Mullein Leaf, Commonly Taken For Respiratory Relief In Herbal Traditions Due To Its Anti-Inflammatory Help. | Cherry Flavor - These Therazinc Lozenges Are Flavored With Cherry.