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Maxim Natural Cotton Classic Countour Pads Regular-16 Pads

Soft Cotton Meets Powerful Protection: Our Classic Maxi Pads Are Made With Only 100% Cotton Which Is Safe And Natural. Designed For Heavier Flow Days, These Pads Have A Contour Shape That Feels Comfortable Without Bunching. | Designed To Protect And Move With You: We Designed Our 100% Cotton Maxi Pads To Be Comfortable And Discreet. Our Design Stays Firmly In Place All Day, Without Being Bulky Or Shifting. This Maxi Pad Features A Liquid-Locking Absorbent Core To Prevent Leaks. | Gentle On The Skin To Keep Irritation Away – If You Have Sensitive Skin Or Are Prone To Irritation Or Rashes When Wearing A Feminine Pad, Then You’Ll Love These Chlorine-Free, Hypoallergenic Maxi Pads. Made To Be Simple And Safe To Give You Itch-Free, Breathable Confidence All Day Long. | 100% Cotton Safe And Natural: Other “Natural” Panty Liner Brands Often Use Cheap, Harsh Wood Pulp As Filler Instead Of Real Cotton. Maxim Products Never Use Any Dyes, Chlorine, Chemicals, Or Sneaky Wood Pulp Materials. Every Layer Of Our Maxi Pad Is Soft And Natural. | Earth-Friendly Feminine Hygiene Products – When You Order From Maxim Hygiene, You Know You’Re Getting An All Natural Maxi Pad That Is Good For You And The Planet. These Eco-Friendly Maxi Pads Are Biodegradable And Certified Compostable.