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Quantum Health Super Lip Care+ Invisible Cold Sore Bandage-12 Bandages

Our Patches Help Conceal Oral Cold Sore Blisters To Relieve Anxiety From Unsightly Breakouts, While Alleviating Tingling, Itching, And Burning Sensations. | This Clear Bandage Combines Hydrocolloid Technology With Echinacea, Honey, And Vitamins To Make The Perfect Salve For Colod Sores (Herpes 1) Outbreaks While Shielding It From Common Irritants That Exacerbate Symptoms. | Cold Sores Often Last Up To A Week Even With Treatment; Until They Heal, Our Semi-Transparent Bandages - In Conjunction With Lip Gloss, Makeup And/Or Concealer - Are The Best Solution To Covering Up. | Designed To Help Prevent Scarring And Stays In Place For Hours So Your Mind Can Focus On Better Things. | Our Products Work Even Better Together - For Optimal Results, Apply Super Lysine+ Ointment Before Applying The Super Lipcare+ Invisible Cold Sore Bandage; Together, These Super Lysine+ Products Can Calm The Irritation And Promote A Faster Resolution.