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Lewis Labs Brewer’s Yeast 100% Pure Yeast Flakes-12.35 Oz

Supports Healthy Energy Levels: Brewer’S Yeast Is Naturally Packed With B Vitamins, Protein, And Trace Minerals, So It Supports Energy Levels, Muscle Development, And Workout Recovery. | Numerous Benefits: Brewer’S Yeast Is Used To Help With A Wide Range Of Issues From Immunity And Brain Health, To Pregnancy And Mood. | The Only Brewer’S Yeast With Folate: Lewis Labs Is The Only Brewer’S Yeast That Contains Folate, The Natural Form Of Folic Acid. | Unlike Similar Products, It’S Gluten-Free: Most Brewer’S Yeast Products Are Grown On A Medium Of Corn Or Other Grain. Lewis Labs Brewer’S Yeast Is Not, Making It Gluten-Free.