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Kal Gaba L-Theanine Stress B Lozenge Natural Mango Tangerine Flavor-100 Lozenges

Take A Gaba Break: Formulated To Help Provide Support For Occasional Stress & Improved Mood | Relax: Theanine Is An Amino Acid That May Help Support Healthy Relaxation & Focus | De-Stress With B-Complex: Includes Vitamins B-1, Niacin, B-6 & B-12 For Added Support | Deliciously Strong: Tasty Lozenges Are A Treat To Take With Natural Mango Tangerine Flavor | Customers Say: “This Stuff Is Great… I Feel Good Taking These
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Now Foods B-12 1000 Mcg With Folic Acid-100 Lozenges

Non Gmo | Essential For Energy Production | May Reduce The Risk Of Vascular Disease | Gmp Certified | During The Summer Months Products May Arrive Warm But Amazon Stores And Ships Products In Accordance With Manufacturers' Recommendations, When Provided.
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Source Naturals Melatonin 1 Mg Orange Flavored Sublingual-100 Lozenges

Natural Sleep Aid - Source Naturals Melatonin Is A Non-Habit Forming Solution That Helps Reset The Body'S Internal Clock For Those With Unusual Work Schedules Or For Those Wanting Relief From Problems Falling Asleep And Staying Asleep. The Normal Cycles Of Melatonin Production Are Altered Due To Factors Including Aging, Medications, And Light Exposure At Night. Something As Small As Travel, Working Nights Or Possibly Using A Computer Screen May Greatly Impact Melatonin’S Production. | Better Sleep/Wake Up Refreshed - Healthy Sleep Not Only Supports Better Cognitive Function And Concentration, But It Also Supports Immune Function And Vitality. Research Has Shown Melatonin Can Help People Help Fall Asleep More Quickly, Help Travelers Adjust To Different Time Zones And Helps Night Shift Workers Re-Regulate Their Sleep. The Better Your Sleep, The More Likely You Will Wake Up Ready To Seize The Day! | No Grogginess/Non Habit Forming/Safe - All Natural, Works The Same Way Melatonin, The Sleep Hormone Produced In The Body, Works So You Won'T Wake Up With A Groggy, Hungover Feeling In The Morning. | Easily Absorbed/Convenient Solution - Our Potent Quick-Dissolving Lozenges Will Help You Fall Asleep And Achieve A Full Night'S Sleep. Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer And Achieve Much Needed Rest. This Convenient, Great Tasting Lozenge Is A Great Option For Those Who Do Not Like To Swallow Pills. | Responsibly Manufactured - Our Customers’ Well-Being Is Our Highest Priority. In Everything We Do, Our Guiding Principle Is To Provide Safe, Superior Quality Products That Enhance Customers’ Health And Well-Being. Unlike Many Other Brands, We Do Our Own Manufacturing And Have Complete Control Over All Aspects Of Raw Material Procurement, Formulation, And Quality Testing. You Can Rest Assured Knowing That Source Naturals Was The First Company To Widely Distribute Melatonin In The Us And Continues
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