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Nature’s Way Umcka Cold Care Lemon Flavor-10 Packets

Umcka Coldcare Soothing Hot Drink (Lemon) Is Proven Effective In Clinical Studies For Alleviating Common Colds Plus Nasal, Throat And Bronchial Irritaions. | Umcka Shortens Duration And Reduces Severity Of Symptoms Associated With Common Colds And Throat / Nasal / Bronchial Irritations: Congestion, Cough, Headache, Hoarseness, Sore Throat These Indications Are Based Solely On Traditional Homeopathic Use. They Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food & Drug Administration. | Pelargonium Sidoides (Eps 7630) 1X – The Main Ingredient In Umcka Coldcare – Works With The Immune System To Help Support The Body’S Own Natural Defense Mechanisms. That Means You’Re Getting A Medicine That Works Safely With Your Body – Not Against It. | Umcka Goes Beyond Symptom Relief And Actually Helps You Recover Faster – Which Means You Can Get Back To Life Faster, Too. | Homeopathic, Soothing Hot Drink Mixes.