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Flora Organic Soothing Chamomile Herbal Tea 16 Bags-0.68 Oz

High Quality: Our Product Is Usda Organically Certified As Well As Non Gmo And Kosher. All Bags Are Freshly Sealed To Preserve The Fragrance, Potency, And Freshness. | 100% Natural Ingredients: Sourced From The Finest Quality, Organic Chamomile Flowers, Flora’S Soothing Chamomile Tea Brings The Rich Tradition Of This Valued Flower To You | Delicious Taste: This Blend Of Crisp Fruitiness And The Soothing, Sweet Floral Flavors Of Chamomile Crafts A Perfect Warm, Cup Of Tea For Complete Relaxation | Health Benefits: Enjoy The Natural Sweetness Of Camomile Flowers For A Restorative, Stress Free Sleep. For Centuries, The Medicinal Nature Of Our Ingredients Have Also Aided With Inflammation.* | How To Use: Bring Fresh, Cold Water To A Boil. Pour Over A Bag Of Flora Soothing Chamomile And Steep 4-5 Minutes To Desired Strength. Squeeze Bag Gently And Remove. Enjoy Hot Or Iced!
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ReBoost Decongestion Nasal Spray-0.68 Oz

Natural Ingredients | Relieves Nasal Congestion, Headache | Homeopathic
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ReBoost Throat Relief Throat Spray Cherry Flavor-0.68 Oz

Zinc +13 = Fast Sore Throat Relief - Compare To The Active Ingredients In Oscillococcinum And Zicam, Plus 13 Natural Actives To Temporarily Relieve Minor Sore Throat Pain And Up To 6 Cold And Flu Symptoms Like Headache, Chills, Fatigue, Body Aches, Cough And Runny Nose. | More Actives For More Relief - The Power Of Zinc Combined With Powerful Plants Like Organic Echinacea, Organic Calendula, And Wild-Harvested Baptisia Which Have A Long History Of Soothing Pain And Supporting Healing. | Homeopathic Approach - Homeopathy Treats Symptoms With A Micro Dose Of An Active Ingredient To Stimulate The Body’S Own Defenses. Our Approach Combines Multiple Potent Actives, In Multiple Concentrations For Greater Relief Of More Symptoms. | Safe, Effective Relief - Reboost Sore Throat Spray Has No Known Interactions With Other Medicines Or Supplements, And Are Safe For Stomach And Liver. | Fast-Acting Spray - Sprayed In The Mouth, Directly Onto Sore Throat For Quick Relief With A Pleasant Natural Cherry Flavor And No Numbing Effect. No Artificial Colors.
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Similsan Nasal Allergy Relief Multi-Symptom Relief-0.68 Oz

Similasan Hay Fever Relief Nasal Spray 0.5 Oz
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