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Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Cold Stick Lip Treatment & Protectant-0.17 Oz

Sun Blocking, Lip Saving Balm - Our Clear Super Lysine+ Coldstick Lip Balm Offers Spf 21 Protection To Help Protect Against Cold Sore Triggers, Such As Sun Exposure, While Revitalizing Hydration To Chapped Lips For Fast Relief | Herbal Nutrient Care - This Revitalizing Balm Combines Honey, Echinacea, And Vitamins To Make The Perfect Salve For Restoring Healthy, Satiny Lips Dried From Fever Blisters, Harsh Weather, And/Or Dehydration. | Carefully Formulated - Hydrating Oils, Including Safflower, Castor Seed, Jojoba, And Vitamin E, Make The Healing Difference, Along With Calendula, Which Calms Irritation, And Lysine That Suppresses The Activity Of Arginine. | Convenient Lip Relief - Convenient Retractable Lip Balm Stick, Travels Easy In Your Pocket Or Purse For Daily Use Or Whenever You Need It Most. | Award Winning - Betternutrition'S 2016 Best Of Natural Beauty Award Winner; Also Available In Strawberry And Original Unscented.

Simplers Botanicals Jasmine Absolute Jasminum Grandiflorum-0.17 Oz

Intense, Heady Floral Scent Having Uplifting, Sensory Stimulating Properties | Aphrodisiac, Antidepressant, Sedative | Blends Well With Most Floral, Wood And Citrus Oils

Simplers Botanicals Myrrh Co2 Oil Commiphora Myrrha-0.17 Oz

Helps Uplift Your Spirit | Effective For Dry, Dull And Mature Skin | Helps Treat Dry Scalp Problems

Simplers Botanicals Organic Carrot Seed Oil Daucus Carota-0.17 Oz

Has Warm Woody Undertones | Helps Improve Your Complexion | Helps Treat Sun-Damaged Skin

Simplers Botanicals Organic Lemon Oil Citrs x limon-0.17 Oz

Suitable For Oily Skin | Helps Uplift Your Spirits At Times Of Mental And Physical Fatigue | Helps Refresh Your Environment When Used As A Room Freshener

Simplers Botanicals Organic Thuja Oil Thuja Occidentalis-0.17 Oz

Contains A High Level Of The Toxic Ketone Thujone | Can Be Used For Warts By Adding 1-3 Drops In An Ounce Of Carrier Oil | Gmo Free

Simplers Botanicals Organic Thyme Red Thymol Oil Thymus Vulgaris-0.17 Oz

Warm, Intense, Energizing Herbal Fragrance. | Potent, Skin Irritant, And Should Be Used Highly Diluted | Avoid Using In High Blood Pressure

Simplers Botanicals Organic Tulsi Holy Basil Oil Ocimum Sanctum-0.17 Oz

Used For Refreshing Respiratory Passages | Targets Stress And Nervousness | Heightens Spiritual Awareness

Simplers Botanicals Patchouli Oil Pogostemon Cabin-0.17 Oz

Has Sweet And Earthy Scent | Ideal For People With Mature, Oily, Damaged Skin Types | Helps Replenish Dull Hair