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Terry Naturally Sinu Care With Eucalyptus-30 Softgels

Breathe Easy; Sinucare Features The Soothing Support Of Eucalyptus And Myrtle To Support Sinus, Bronchial, Lung, And The Entire Upper Respiratory System | Safe, Effective Sinus Relief; Sinucare Not Only Supports Both The Sinus And Bronchial Airway Passages, But It Goes To Work Immediately For Results You Can Feel And Does Not Cause Drowsiness Or Jitteriness; | Powerful Ingredients; Refreshing Eucalyptus Has Been Shown To Support Healthy, Clear, Sinus Passages; Myrtle Supports A Strong Respiratory Environment, While Lemon Provides Additional Sinus And Immune Support | How It Works; Supports The Cilia Of The Sinuses, Which Brush Mucus Out Of The Sinus And Nasal Cavities; Promotes Healthy Cilia Function For Clear And Comfortable Sinuses | The High Quality Difference; All Terry Naturally Products Are Manufactured To Strict Good Manufacturing Practices (Cgmp) Set By The Fda And Are Produced With The Highest Quality Ingredients
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